Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Box Jump or Step-Up?

Kevin D

In such a limited time will step-ups or pure box jumps yield you more reps?

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WOD for Skill Week Monday 3/24

Deload Tuesday 5/6


10 minutes to find a heavy 3-rep sumo deadlift. practice double unders during rests.


for 8 minutes:
15 seconds double unders
15 seconds rest
15 seconds dive-bomber pushups
15 seconds rest

for 10 minutes:
20 seconds box jumps
10 seconds rest
30 seconds wall squat

3 minutes max burpees

There is a one minute rest/rotation between each section. We won't be recording scores to the whiteboard, but that shouldn't deter you from counting your reps for your own recordings.

Post results to the Cody app.


Weekly Challenge #2 - PaleoRx 2014


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