Friday, June 27, 2008

Clear Your Calendars!


07.01.08 - We will meet July 20th @ 11am at ALKI BEACH.

06.30.08 - We are changing the date to Sunday the 20th of July. Also we'd like to hear from you all about the location - Alki or Golden Gardens...get your vote in now we're picking one either way tonight @ 11:59pm!

Foundation CrossFit presents RAINSTORM XIX: Hot BBQ!

Come join us for a beach-themed workout followed by games like Hooverball, Ultimate Frisbee and the like... We're BBQ'ing as well so bring some food to share!



Today we did FIGHTSTORM 3!

3 rds, 1 min stations for max reps:

wall ball
sumo deadlift high pull
box jump
push press
row (calories) *(/strokes)

Souls who braved it today: Nate, Elizabeth, Tony, John, Adrian, Andrea and Jason

the only way to look this good is by meeting Pukie.

Great job to everyone who came out today. You blasted your old scores to smithereens! A big welcome back to Tony and Andrea- always good to see your faces.

*Our rower went out of commission during the second go-around!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Read please

Drop That Spoon!
Is breakfast cereal the best way to start your day?

Remember these?

Nutrition 102: Furthering "Eat Real Food"
Scott dives deeper into the statement and catagorizes foods to make it easier.


Support your local farmer's market.

Sleep! More Important Than...
If you were to list the importance of various things and how fast we would die without them, where you place sleep?


Homer sleeps a lot, therefore he's obviously healthy.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


DJ Hyphen sent me this video:

LL Cool J working out with DJ Envy

His trainer has some nice tricks up his sleeve (figuratively speaking as he rocks the bodybuilder tank): KB sumo deadlift high pulls (NO SWINGS?!), "ring" pushups, sledgehammer situps, bungie sprints..

Methinks Mr. Ross Enamait would have a fun time with Mr. Todd Smith and give his current trainer a run for his money.

It's good to see more people leaning towards the HIIT philosophies of exercise. The bodybuilder physique is one society came to idolize because how big and defined someone's muscle could grow. You could watch that person squat huge amounts of weight and bicep curl dumbbells weighing as much as a junior high student. Is that functional? How hard did one have to train and look that way? What does one have to eat? How would I stay looking that way? How long?

Mmm.. fake tans and veins!

If that's your goal, go for it! But if you're a regular joe you might want to think twice about trying THAT route. Long workouts. Strict dieting. Too many supplements. What are your goals? You want to be built bigger? Harder? Better? Faster? Stronger? (c) Daft Punk

If we were robots, we'd never have to workout. But then where's the fun in that?!

If you want to look more athletic (see 10 General Physical Skills) then become more athletic. How? By improving EACH and EVERY one of those skills: strength, endurance, flexibility, stamina, power, speed, agility, coordination, balance and accuracy. That's a lot, I know, but we can tie it together. We improve work capacity over broad and modal domains by using highly varied, if not random, functional movements performed at high intensity. The end result is you being harder, better, faster and stronger. And once you clean up your nutritional habits, you'll look good too. Form follows function, so to look more athletic become more athletic.

* brownie points for those who get it

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Kettlebell Hell

I believe today was XVIII

5 minutes max kb swings
waiter's walk to stoplight and back (approx. 400m)
2 minutes max kb swings
waiter's walk to stoplight and back

Dorian 172/74, 16kg
Gilles 163/44, 16kg
Jason 145/51, 16kg
Andrew 122/53, 24kg

Huge welcome to Jason! Hope you enjoyed your first little taste of CrossFit!

Here's Foundation CrossFit's new workout log on the official CrossFit boards. Start posting!


from last week's Donkey Kong workout @ Harbor Steps

Friday, June 20, 2008


5 rds for max reps:
deadlift, 185lbs or 95lbs

Nick 72/31, 185lbs
Adrian 69/24, 185lbs
Andrew 97/75, 185lbs
Gilles 109/107, 95lbs
Sammee 52/113, 95lbs
Sheena 67/114, 95lbs

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Coach Dave Werner of CrossFit Seattle has a cool little article with Erin Covey of KIRO 710

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Danny Are You Okay?

Dan came by for his first workout today and did:
  • Tabata Squats along with Coy (Welcome dude!)
  • a 10k Row
  • "Cindy" alongside Sheena and Elizabeth (Awesome ladies!)
He also ripped a callus in his 2nd round. Great job man. I have video of him putting New Skin on his open wound. Classic footage.


Saturday we'll have another free workout at the Harbor Steps in downtown Seattle @ 11am.
We'll be meeting here. The Harbor Steps are right next to Ipanema Brazilian Grill on 1st which will also be the joint we'll have lunch at afterwards. We're gonna do The Donkey Kong workout.

Monday, June 9, 2008


Warming up is essential to any physical activity.

Movement pattern warmups

Dynamic movements

You know the official CrossFit Warmup as this:

3 rounds, 10-15 repetitions of
  1. Overhead Squat
  2. Situp
  3. Back Extension
  4. Pullup
  5. Dip
  6. Samson Stretch
I was influenced to post because of Rainier CrossFit's wonderful and in-depth Warm-Up article. They confirm the suspicion to do some some short-range cardio first (400m run, 500m row, 150 rope skips) and THEN go into the warm up. The motions go like this: squat, bend, straighten, pull, push, stretch.
  • CARDIO - run/sprint, row, bike, jump rope, swim, airdyne, jumps, movement patterns
  • SQUAT - air squat, front squat, overhead squat, sumo squat, lunge, pistol
  • BEND - situp, crunches, v-up, knees-to-elbows, ghd situp
  • STRAIGHTEN - back extension, supermans, good mornings, stiff-leg deadlifts, kb swings
  • PULL - pullup, ring row, bent-over row, rope climb, rope pull, the Burgener warmup, clean, snatch
  • PUSH - pushup, dip, ring pushups, press, pushpress, push jerk, benchpress, handstand pushup
  • STRETCH - anything that stretches major muscle groups
Usually the athlete is considered warmed-up when they've got a light sweat (or "glisten") going.


So there, you can now create your own warm-up. Congrats! I hope some light was shined on something we all do without any thought to why. Here's mine (when I feel like going all the way through):

10 or 12 reps of each:
ROUND 1 - broomstick ohs, situps, back ext, strict pullups, dips, samson stretch
ROUND 2 - ohs w/ 45lbs, knees-to-elbows, kettlebell swings (Russian style), gymnastics kip pullups, strict ring dips, samson stretch, upfacing dog, prayer pose
ROUND 3 - alternating pistols, straight leg raises, kettlebell swings (American style), rotary/butterfly kip pullups, kipping ring dips, samson stretch, dynamic stretches