Thursday, October 29, 2009

Get on board

.. or get on THE board. I'm in the process of completing our Leaderboard/"Trophy Case" to display the best times, scores, and weights for various CrossFit benchmark workouts and lifts. We will put up the Top 5 ladies and geezers for the following:

The Girls:

  • Angie, Barbara, Chelsea, Cindy, Diane, Elizabeth, Fran, Grace, Helen (which we're doing today!), Isabel, Jackie, Karen, Linda, Mary, Nancy, Annie, Eva, Kelly, Lynne, Nicole


  • JT, Michael, Murph, Daniel, Josh, Jason, Badger, Joshie, Nate, Randy, Tommy V., Griff, Ryan, Erin, Mr. Joshua, DT, Danny, Hansen, Tyler
1-Repetition Maximums (1RM)
  • back squat
  • press
  • deadlift
  • bench press
  • clean & jerk
  • snatch

preparing to deadlift

As well as:
These workouts, scores and lifts must be completed in the box under my watch! So there you go. As CFEastside would say: "Get some. Go again."


If you haven't caught on by now, I'm a huge STAR WARS geek. Best movies (Original Trilogy) in the history of mankind. Disagree and 77 burpees for you.

I present... STAR WARS YOGA!

- A video of a Princess Leia lookalike, talking developing strength and using it for the Light or Dark side.

- Awesome postures. Expect these as cool downs!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Party

I wanted to remind everyone that this Saturday is our Halloween Workout and Potluck! One workout starts at 11am (the other heat at 2pm?), then everyone else is welcome to hang out, eat, drink, etc. until 5pm-ish.

We'll have prizes for the best costume (wear it while working out) and we'll have games to play after.

I'll be bringing a bbq grill, so bring meat to share! We have a sign-up board in the back of the gym. Make sure you write down what you're bringing next time you're in. I'll update what was put up on the list Friday evening.

If you haven't RSVP'ed with Andrew yet, please do so. See you then!

Break to Build

First and foremost, A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TO BRADY! He finally got his first muscle-up. You should've seen the smile on his face! Another one added to the muscle-up club.

CrossFit never gets easier, you just get stronger. To become stronger and more efficient in our 10 General Physical Skills (cardiovascular endurance, strength, flexibility, stamina, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination, and accuracy) you have to fail forward. When a strength workout comes along and you see 'backsquats 5-5-5-5-5' on the whiteboard, don't expect to go really heavy without failing a rep or not completing the set as written. Don't fret. Stop worrying. I just want you to lift heavier weights eventually. And you will.

Recently a select few of you have been too hard on yourself for not lifting a weight I think you're capable of. It's what I think you're capable of, but you NEED to KNOW you're capable. Some of you are mentally screwing yourselves over even before touching the bar.

The best place to build confidence.

On Monday Mike lifted a 140kg+ deadlift with less than an hour "under the bar" training. He might have doubted himself, but after some encouragement he told himself he could and he picked that motherfracker up.

Why does he look left after every deadlift? No idea. Working on fixing that one...

Tita was stuck on her 1RM deadlift. I told her to go slighting lower in weight and she picked it up EASY. We built back up to that weight she had trouble with and after reinforcing the fact that she was completely capable of taking off the ground, guess what? SHE FREAKING DID!

We are all going to do "Lion and Lemon" faces and "The Rhino" together before strength WODs. Select few need to get happy before your lift. Select few need to focus. All of you need heavier weights.

Please, stop mindfracking yourself guys. I know it's hard, but trust in the method. You are all amazing athletes and we have to break to build.

Work like newcomer Missy! From her WOD blog:
I came into the gym thinking "Okay, we have been doing lots of lifting lately .. I'm going to asume that is what we're going to do.." Considering I was limited on time because I had work in a couple of hours, I thought "No sweat... Get in and get out.."
The Gymster Mr. Andrew Bueno threw me, personally, a curve ball.
Let's just put it out there for the record: I, Missy Cruz, HATE running. Always been a weakness of mine.. It was something I always wanted to work on.. and I set a goal for it.. but man I hate it. I swear Andrew must have read my goals and saw the portion where it said I wanted to work on cardio.
But I took it as a challenge and had to fight my initial reaction of: "Shit.. we are running."
It's like that quote form yesterday.. "I never regret doing it, but I regret not doing it.." or something like that. During the run I had to also fight the urge to want to walk. The moment someone lapped me ... I was like "Shit, okay.." PUSH PUSH PUSH! and so PUSH I did..


4 rds for time:

400m Run

12 Turkish Get-ups

Goal: running i think will always be my weakness, but not something I cant do. The goal is still still constantly work on incorporating running into my everyday life..and to continue to fight the urge to walk and just sayPUSH IT! i think that i am very capable of doing more..its self-motivation i need to work on..because i find that with in..its not that my body cant do it.. but my mind telling me i cant do it.. and then it all just becomes a simple mental game..
Couldn't have said it any better: FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! PUSH PUSH PUSH!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Partner Sweat Angels

Ashley & Adrian

Do you have a partner who could benefit from training in CrossFit? Your love interest, roommate, friend, coworker, a teammate or some other random person in your network? I bet you do! Are they a little hesitant on the entire method?

Weren't you?

Foundation CrossFit has always offered free one-on-one no obligation orientations. We love having new people in the box. BRING 'EM IN! No athletic or exercise experience? NO PROBLEM! We will be starting our "FOUNDATIONS" classes (aka the CrossFit On-Ramp Program). This is a dedicated beginners class to build up the proper movements and confidence to enter our normal classes. Set up orientations with Andrew by email, phone or text.

The box is waiting for you...

We all have to crawl before we walk, walk before we run.


If you've been training hard since we've opened I'm sure you've noticed how much strength-training has been going on. My programming is set on strength bias for a reason. Jesse and the rest of Lynnwood CrossFit's crew have been preparing to squat weights equivalent to a couple of baby elephants. We have 5 people signed up to "compete" on 11/7th, 4 of which are 'maybes'. Represent baby! Sign up on the board in the office.


JXCF - I don't know what that email was about, but my fitness is 'ehh'. I need to get consistent with my own stuff. Dude, you stirred up a bees nest!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Jumping in, on tires.

stacked, it's 41.5".

We're going to test standing verts this week!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Week 3 in Review

Nothing like starting the week with some tabata intervals!

Nate sets for the snatch.

Missy has some amazing overhead squats (with very limited time "under the bar") and is doing more than me*! Jenelle worked on her *okay* back squat yesterday and her form was incredible today! Margaret is finally back and decided to work out at 6am after doing the 6:30pm the night before. You ladies are crazy.

Lots of orientations- how many of y'all are going to become part of our community? We'd love to have you.

Q: How fun was Tony's birthday workout?

A: Not that fun.


Thursday, October 22, 2009


A letter from the owner

One of my goals in life was to start a business by the age of 30. I had no idea what I wanted it to be, but it was a series of fortunate circumstances which led me to Foundation CrossFit. For anyone that has attempted to start a business, you know it is not a walk in the park by any means. This has been a work in progress for almost a year now, and I am happy to say we finally have something to show for it.

I wanted to take this moment to thank everyone who has been a part of the gym, from our recent clients in Capitol Hill to those who have been with Andrew since the Lake City days. You have all been an important part of this process, from the initial move to Capitol Hill, the outdoor workouts in the sun & rain, and finally the growth of our current space on 11th Avenue. I have to say, and I'm sure many of you will agree, that the new space looks pretty legit and has potential to be the premiere training facility in Capitol Hill!

You have kept Andrew on his toes and committed him to be a better trainer in all respects. He is the best trainer money can buy, and is not only an incredible teacher but a lifelong student as well. He continues to learn and pass on knowledge to his clients, and shares as his personal challenge your desire to be fit. He has yet to disappoint anyone, and I strongly feel that he is highly motivating and more than capable of helping you achieve results. I am honored to have him as a business partner and the Director of Training.

Finally, I would like to thank all of you for your continued pursuit of fitness. You should congratulate yourselves for committing an hour or more of every day to provide for your own personal health. There is nothing more important than being able to breathe freely, to move without inhibitions, and to excel beyond your own expectations. Our goal at Foundation CrossFit is to enable you to live a healthy life - so that you can use that as a base from which you can
experience life and all it has to offer. Remember, if you don't take care of yourself first and foremost, everything else suffers.

So it is today that I celebrate my 31st birthday, or 30th..again. =) I feel fit and healthy, and CrossFit is a big reason for that. I look forward to many more years of continued health, just as you should too. Foundation CrossFit is here to serve you; let's all keep living the dream, one day at a time.

-Tony Lau
Owner, Foundation CrossFit

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Quick clarification

Our Halloween party IS NOT our Grand Opening.

We will have our grand opening hopefully in late November. We have a couple of items left on our checklist before we present the box to the public.

Tony's Birthday

Tomorrow is old man Tony's birthday!

He's going to do the WOD down there at CrossFit Surf City and then hop on a plane to join us for the 6:30pm class! We are still running the normal Thursday schedule: 9am, 12pm, 5:30pm, and 6:30pm. The workout:

AMRAP in 30 min:
30 box jumps
30 kb swings, 16kg
30 burpees


The final major piece of equipment we need in the new gym is a pullup bar system (can anyone help?). In the meantime, we still have plenty of substitutions to make you scream bloody murder!


Now that this is our climbing rope, we're going to need another!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Halloween Party

because our box originally looked like a setting for the Saw movies.

October 31st will be another 11am CrossFit Workout as well as the beginning of our first public gathering/workout/potluck/fundraiser/pick-up game/party to celebrate our new home and the holiday.

We plan to run our normal workout at 11am (and a later one at 2pm) with a twist: best costume wins a prize (and I guarantee it'll be worth it!). At noon we will begin eating and drainkin' and socializing and making fun of Andrew V. for being a nurse. If we can get the equipment Nate might bring a copy of the horror movie he invested in for us to watch!

"The Taken" Trailer from Valentine Entertainment on Vimeo.

We'll also be running some pick-up games throughout the afternoon like volleyball, badminton, dodgeball (if we can get a hold of a lot), kickball (at Bobby Morris) and HOOVERBALL (=

Just wanted to inform y'all to save the date. Concrete details coming soon.


Monday, October 19, 2009

Good work!

Saturday started with a fun workout:

3 rds for time:
15 squat cleans, 40kg
30 situps
45 tire jumps

Afterwards, we finally raised the lights up, repositioned the mats and painted some more.

Yesterday we put in our platforms, put up the rings and climbing rope.

Now it really looks like a nice gym. Grand opening is being planned now!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Weights do not bulk up female athletes

The gym as a whole is preparing for Local's Gym/Lynnwood CrossFit's CF Total come November 7th. A couple of concerns have been addressed...

Let me say that again:

Weights do not bulk up female athletes.

and again:


and one more time for good measure


Why not?
  • Inadequate testosterone levels
  • High volume work = bulking muscle. Not heavy weights.
  • Bulking up requires a lot of calories. We do not promote eating like a madman. Or a body builder.
READ MORE REASONS HERE AND EDUCATE YOURSELF! (because you're not listening to me)



No Friday evening class. Saturday workout @ 11am. "Open Gym" after until 2pm. Expect to help us fix up the gym (lay down mats, paint, wash the tractor tires then flip them).


Thanks Craig! and congrats!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

FCF x Lululemon Pac Place

Regarding tonight's workout at Lululemon, they no longer have their studio and we will be working out outside at Westlake Center around 6:20pm. We will still meet at the Lululemon store at 6pm. Please wear proper attire.

600 Pine Street
Suite 210 (2nd Level)
Seattle, WA 98101

See you there!

Monday, October 12, 2009

A Better Warm-Up

I present one of the greatest athletes of the past century.

That's the reason I play music so loud when y'all are warming up. I want you to have fun and get those stern looks off your face!

(.. and you thought I was going to talk about the Official CrossFit Warm-Up, huh?!)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


(Or not.)

Everything is moving along well. We want to make sure the space is perfect for newcomers, so we will make bigger announcements as that occurs. And great work from all those with us now!

And we're going to need help when the mats come in!




Monday, October 5, 2009

Foundation CrossFit 3.0

1422 11th Ave
Seattle, WA 98122


After finding out we were limited in movement at our last home we are back into a box (the best one we've been in yet!) and working diligently to build it out as the premiere fitness facility in Capitol Hill.

Since we've received keys we've been cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. We still need to get the rest of our equipment, mats, a pullup bar and, of course, paint the walls, but the new joint has enough for y'all to perform some great workloads! Get in if you haven't already!

Also, this is the last month to get grandfathered in at the old rates. New pricing coming November.

The calendar has been updated. Same rules apply: RSVP at least 6 hours in advance, show up a minute or ten early, and be prepared to increase work capacity over broad time and modal domains using highly varied, functional movements executed at a relatively high intensity!

the Brady and Brian broad jump.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Schedule clarification.

Tomorrow, Friday, October 2nd, will we have classes at:
  • 9am
  • 12pm
  • 6pm
Speak with me if you want to come in any other time.

Ask Andrew

William Bass
September 24 at 12:46pm
Hi there Andrew! Great to see you so active & busy! Hope it's working out for you. I've read up on the pros & cons of Crossfit w/o experiencing it myself (unless that was what you had us doing back in those jellybelly days).

1) There seem to be 2 camps - one raves about it as the greatest thing ever. Their results are certainlyy amazing. The other camp, however, says there's a high rate of injury from crossfit - primarily from all the twisting & turning combined with speed - which in conventional exercise terms is a no-no as t&t while moving weights is a recipe for spinal injuries & muscle & joint tears.
What do you think about this debate?

2) Remember how I use to get real faint & wobbly? Part of it is my ankles are so wiggly from overstretched ligaments. Had a cardiologist check me out recently, tests & all, as I exbited the classic symptoms of obstructed coronary arteries. Results demonstrated my heart was fine, in the top 20% of men my age (50), but for some unexplainable reason, maybe due to the Restless Leg Syndrom I also have - when I start pushing myself hard the blood vessels in my legs dialate & blood dumps from my brain into my leg muscles. So I was told to slow down & take it easier in my workouts. Any thoughts on this?

Working with aging athletes is a different category I know, and I've learned ignoring old injuries as in "tough it out & be a man" kinda thing often makes them worse. Seeing fit people far older than me sure is inspiring, too.

Thanks, man. Yeah, you're The Man here!

Andrew Bueno September 29 at 8:48pm

Apologies for not getting to you sooner! I DID have you experimenting in CrossFit, but there is a proper way to go about things and although I was safe and practical, there is a MUCH better way to do CrossFit. I've learned a lot of have become a true training professional since you and Kristina last trained with me.

The answers to your question. (Long, I know, but I do better speaking. Give me a call if you have any other questions, comments or concerns)


One of the biggest things about CrossFit that isn't normally discussed is safety. CrossFit progression should be built on "Mechanics, Consistency, THEN Intensity."

Too many people get into CrossFit because of what they see in videos. Most videos produced feature amazing athletes with plenty of hours spent refining the mechanics. After perfecting the mechanics/techniques of the movements and exercises, they become consistent by putting the hours in and doing it right each and every time. "Quality over quantity" is what I remind my members all the time, and will actually stop clients from exercising if form falters too much. If one achieves consistent mechanics, then you can throw your body into overdrive and give a full 100% towards the workouts. I value safety above all and if someone exercising doesn't prove safety I will stop them.

Just like personal training, you need time with the person teaching to see how they teach. Are they into getting you doing CrossFit properly? Or are they more concerned with kicking your ass? Be weary of the latter.

I know it's redundant, but in regards to the twisting and turning, it again boils down to "mechanics, consistancy, intensity". Injury stems from muscles or joints being overloaded (either too heavy or too fast- which produces torque). If one was training properly these would not be a concern because you wouldn't be up to a level that would require you to bear those loads YET.

Besides, I can only thing of one or two movements out of the hundreds that we do that could be considered "twisting" or turning. Always check the sources, my friend!


ALWAYS listen to your body. I'd be interested to analyze your lifestyle for a week and see how body goes- both activity-wise and nutrition-wise. Are you taking a fish oil supplement daily? If not, I'd do some research (quick google search of "benefits of fish oil") and get on a quality one quickly. (Same goes for Kristina and the kids!)

The thing with CrossFit is that although we strive for constantly varied, functional movements executed at a high intensity, not EVERYONE'S intensity is the same and we make sure everyone understands that. We ask that people put the work in, but not if it HURTS. Pain is an obvious risk factor for temporary and permanent injury. Listen to your body.


Hope that answers a lot. Let me know if I can help with anything else


- Andrew


Feel free to agree, disagree, add or correct in comments!