Please note: We have staggered our entry points for new athletes. This is because we feel that we best achieve our standards of excellence by not overcrowding our classes. (See our manifesto here.) Feel free to email us to get on the wait list. A new Foundations Program will begin roughly every 3 months. 

We are now holding Orientations for classes in 2014. Please understand that these classes fill up quickly, after which the wait list extends to the next session. Upon completion of the Foundations Program, you will be invited to join our regular classes.

If you would like to join our other location in South Lake Union, please check out CrossFit SLU.

Are you ready to improve your life?

The single biggest step to improving your health and fitness is to consciously make the decision to get fit and stay fit. By reading this you have already made the right decision. We are here to provide you the education and resources to attain your goals. Remember, you don't need to "get in shape" before starting CrossFit. Everybody must crawl before they can walk, and walk before they can run. We will be by your side every step of the way!

At Foundation CrossFit, we offer a variety of programs to meet your training needs. The path you choose ultimately depends on your personal goals and current level of fitness. Once you have completed your orientation session we will be able to review all of the pricing options. We will help you achieve results by making you responsible for you own health & fitness.

FREE Orientation Session
Sign up via email for your FREE one-hour no obligation Orientation. In this session we will discuss your goals, previous training experience, and explain the CrossFit methodology to you. This session will also include a short introductory CrossFit workout to give you a taste of what we have to offer. It costs nothing more than an hour of your time and a commitment to yourself to get healthy and stay fit.

FREE!  Email today.

Foundations (On-Ramp) Classes
Great for beginners and the experienced alike! For those of you who are new to exercise, our style of training, or you simply just don't know where to begin, we offer Foundations (also known as On-Ramp) classes as a precursor to the regular CrossFit regimen. This one-month, 13-class program is dedicated to those who need an "on-ramp" to the "highway" that is CrossFit. This is based off of NorCal SC's program.

At Foundation CrossFit we emphasize mechanics, consistency, and then intensity.We will train you proper exercise mechanics and techniques at relatively light loads. You will become consistent with those mechanics under the watchful eye of our coaches. Finally, you will learn how to bring up the intensity to increase your capacity for the normal classes. We will be showing you movements in the beginning that are relatively non-technical, and progressively become more technical with experience. Clients are welcome to stay in this program as long as they feel necessary, and also return to this program at any future time to reinforce their fundamentals. Read more...

$275* for 13-class learning program. $45/$75* per make-up session. 

* Plus WA state sales tax

CrossFit Classes
The CrossFit program is a strength and conditioning system based on constantly varied, functional movements, executed at a relative high intensity. It simultaneously incorporates gymastics, metabolic conditioning ("cardio"), powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting into one exercise routine.

As you show sufficient proficiency in fundamental CrossFit skills, you are invited to join our regular CrossFit classes. These are one-hour classes consisting mostly of the following four components:
  • Warm up
  • Skill development
  • CrossFit WOD (Workout Of the Day)
  • Cool down, Mobility
Monthly CrossFit classes
2x/week @ $135/month* (about $17/class)
3x/week @ $165/month* (about $13/class)
6x/week @ $205/month* (about $7/class)
6x/week Military/Fire/Police @ $135/month*

* Plus WA state sales tax

Inquire within the gym for spouse and domestic partner discounts.  After the first week of every month, we pro-rate on a weekly basis.

Automatic billing and a 21-day notice to cancel required.  Purchases may be made at any time via debit/credit card transaction.  Purchases by check (ACH debit) may be made at the gym. 

Transfer for Experienced CrossFit Athletes
For those with less than 6 months of experience, we suggest joining our Foundations Program.

For those athletes coming from other CrossFit gyms, we accept an average of 10 experienced CrossFit athletes per month. If you come with a letter from your previous gym detailing your top three strengths and top three weaknesses, we will be better able to continue your fitness trajectory. Contact us to schedule your Orientation and Movement Screen!

$100* fee includes:
Scheduled Orientation
One week of Unlimited CrossFit classes prior to Movement Screen
Scheduled Movement Screen - We expect all of our incoming athletes to have the same level of understanding and proficiency as one who completes our Foundations Program.
Additional Personal Training Sessions extra ($45*/$75* per half-/hour-long session), as required prior to entering regular classes.

$20 fee to reschedule a missed Orientation or Movement Screen without 24 hours notice.

* Plus WA state sales tax

Visitor Pricing
We love having experienced CrossFit athletes from other CrossFit gyms. Email us and let us know where you're from and how long you have been at it! No Orientation is required but we'd like to know which class you'll be showing up to!
One class drop-in fee $20*
Two class drop-in fee $35*
Unlimited classes drop-in fee $55* (7-day expiration)

* Plus WA state sales tax

Personal Training
With personal training, you will be able to work with a trainer that will tailor workouts specifically for your current fitness level. This is a personalized experience that allows you to work at your own pace under the encouragement and watchful eye of a trainer. Many people decide they want to achieve their fitness goals in a private setting, and we will stand by your side every step of the way.

$75* per one-hour session. $45* per half-hour session.  Purchase now.
** You will be charged for the session for no-shows or less-than-24-hour-cancellations.**

* Plus WA state sales tax

Skill Intensive Classes
In order to expand your knowledge and skillset, we offer clinics and seminars on a variety of special topics. These include group intensive classes that focus on a particular skill, such as Olympic lifting, kettlebell training, hand balancing, or running techniques (POSE). We also provide nutrition seminars and special events, as well as recovery classes taught by certified instructors. All special events will be updated on our monthly schedule and announced on the website.

Free for members/$35* for non-members

* Plus WA state sales tax

Nutrition Counseling
We offer one-on-one Nutrition Counseling to help you reach your weight and body composition goals. You can schedule appointments with our staff to customize meal planning, diet considerations, shop for food items, and log your diet results. This comprehensive program can help the athlete that is looking to simply lose weight, manage chronic disease expression, and optimize overall performance and energy.

$50 initial consultation. $30 per 30-minute follow-up consult.

Contact us for more information and a free orientation!