Frequently Asked Questions

We're going to try to compile everything we're ask constantly- Yay for organization! This will always be a work in progress so please bear with us. If it's a question regarding the methodology of CrossFit you can start with CrossFit.com's FAQ.

Is CrossFit right for me?

This depends on your goals. If your ability to do anything physical, then yes. We achieve work capacity: your ability to move specific loads specific distances as efficiently as possible. This could be you carrying a couch up some stairs, running a full marathon in less than 3 hours, or lifting heavy objects over your head.

Is CrossFit dangerous?

Like any other physical activity, there are inherent dangers in any type of exercise. Knowing your limits (both physically and mentally) will keep you progressing safely. We move our bodies, lift objects, test cardio and other physical outputs- if you have been sedentary it is recommended that you take it relatively easy until you've got at least a month of regular activity before doing anything intense.

Please read "CrossFit Induced Rhabdo" by Greg Glassman.

Don't I need to be "in shape" to start CrossFitting?

Absolutely not! The awesome thing about our method of fitness is that anyone can get a great workout in the same class. We have ways to modify and scale exercises and workouts to your specific needs and abilities.

Those workouts look too hard/intense for me!

They can be! We look for a relative high intensity in some of our workouts. This essentially means finding what's difficult for you. It could be a 300lbs deadlift or 30lbs- the load isn't as important as long as you're doing it!

Do you provide any discounts? Why are you so expensive?

We believe the services we provide are worth what we charge. We do not provide discounts because we value our training and believe our rates are fairly priced given the attention to quality we strive to give. The majority of our revenue go back to the facility and its athletes, and in continuing to provide a solid training program.

If pricing is your primary concern shop around for a CrossFit gym here!

Is it really possible to get a great workout in 5 to 15 minutes?

Yes, most definitely! When you come in for your free orientation we can tack on an optional 10 minute workout and we'll let that answer this question for you.

Isn't squatting bad for the knees?

It can be, especially when you're not doing them correctly. Just like how you can cut yourself when using a knife in the kitchen, there's a proper way to handle things.

Squatting should generally load the muscles around the hip and lower leg. This means that the feet stay flat, the hips/butt move back, and the back stays flat. Any forward deviation and you load the knees, which could result in pain- or even worse- injury.

Why are you such big POSE/barefoot enthusiasts?

First, we are not dogmatic about any particular style, but we prefer teaching the POSE Method because the body was meant to have strong and able feet. We were meant to run. Today's technology has screwed us over. Having big cushions surrounding our feet made them lazy and weak. When we demand hard work from them, they get pissed off. We prefer running this way because we use less energy, move faster, and eventually eliminate injury.

Read Barefoot Ted's Beginner Tips here.

So should I buy minimalist shoes and wear them all the time?

No. Just like any other tool, you need to know how to use it properly. That, and it takes time to develop your body to prevent/avoid injury.

Should I take supplements?

You should be more concerned about sleep, nutrition, and your training.


How long are classes?

Approximately one hour, and we do our best to start immediately on time.

How are classes structured?

Our usual program involves a warm-up, skill session, a workout and a cool down, usually including some mobility work like stretching or SMR (self-myofascial release). Some people will also work on skills, or "grease the groove", before and after class.

Can I drop in?

Yes and no. Yes, if you have been CrossFitting regularly (3 month+) at another affiliate or at home. No if you've never participated in one of our classes before. We offer free orientations to those who coordinate a time to meet. $20 for one visit. $35 for two visits. $55 for a week of unlimited- 7-days expiration.

Do you have any "open gym" time?

No we do not, but there are specialty programs we offer.

What are these Specialty Programs?

We have a handful that we offer: Strength, Endurance, Mobility, Yoga, and Comp Ex. These generally include extra work in place, or more likely, on top of your normal CrossFit classes. The focus is to give you individualized programming to hit your particular goals in these particular activities.

I'm injured. Can I still attend class?

Of course! The CrossFit methodology prides itself on it's ability to scale and modify as needed. First, you must understand your injury, why it occured, how to avoid causing further damage, and what you can do to continue exercise.

I'd like to request a special celebratory workout!

We are happy to provide special WODs to commemorate special occasions, but with the huge influx of requests we sometimes find ourselves unable to stick to our intended programming. So here's the one-for-one exchange: We'd request that a testimonial be written that we can use on our blog, about your experience with CrossFit and our business. That way, when we do post up a workout, we'll be able to spotlight you in our social outlets. If you'd like to use a different outlet like Yelp! or facebook reviews, etc. that would be fantastic.


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When does the autopay run?

Our autopays run on the 1st of every month.

What types of payment do you accept?

Cash, check, ACH, debit, and credit (Visa, Mastercard, Discover). We do not take American Express.

What about changing my membership frequency?

You can upgrade and downgrade membership (6x/week, 3x/week, 2x/week) whenever you please, and as often as you like.

Do you provide discounts?

Only to military, law enforcement, first responders. Must provide proof. We only have a family discount rate. Email us for more details.

How do I cancel?
Please email us. We require 7 days notice for any account changes or cancellations.

Why did you charge me when I already asked for an adjustment!!?
Things don't always go as planned since we are using an out-of-the-box billing system. We'll do our best to fix it. It's a good idea to keep an eye on your bank statements and email confirmations to make sure everything was properly charged. We can make adjustments on the first day of the month (our automatic billing date).

Can I keep a tab at the gym for other purchases like apparel, athletic tape, mobility tools, jumprope, etc?
Yes. Look for the signing sheet.


There's a waitlist?

Unfortunately yes. We have about 2000SF of usable gym floor and that means we can only fit so many people in the gym per hour, per day. With our current setup we want to keep everyone safe and satisfied as much as we can.

Have any other options?

We have a second location, Foundation Athletics, in South Lake Union. Otherwise check out our referrals down below!


"I'm pretty active", "I've been CrossFitting elsewhere", etc... Do I still have to do an orientation?

Yes. We want to know each person who participates at the gym. We also want to outline the WhyWhat and How to our program. All CrossFit facilities are not created equally. Some bias gymnastics, some weightlifting (Olympic lifting and/or powerlifting). Others will focus on the endurance sports and a handful work on being equally rounded. We want to ensure that our athletes understand what we focus on and how we accomplish tasks.

Although you may be moderately active on your own, your body may not be acclimated to the type of work  and exercise we do here.

How do I prepare for my orientation?

First all, make sure you are hydrated. Most people today are chronically dehydrated. We believe that sedentary people need to be drinking 64 ounces daily at minimum!

Also we want everyone to have eaten well sometime prior to working out. You can't drive Mercedes Benz to it's potential on an empty tank.

What do I need to bring for my orientation?

Clothes to workout in. We have a bathroom for you to change in and cubbies for you to store your personal items. Bringing water and a towel would be helpful too.


What's my "Athlete ID"?

Your Athlete ID works in our RSVP System and will be assigned when you are cleared for class. It will be the first letter of your first name, the first four letters of your last name and the day of your birth. Example: If your name was Luke Skywalker and your birthday was May 4th your ID would be LSkyw04.

What happens if I don't RSVP for class?

If you a member of the gym you will be subject to an exercise penalty, and will not have priority on the equipment/workout. We are limited in our square footage and we'd like to keep our trainer-to-athlete ratio very small. It's one of few responsibilities we ask. It's also respectful to those who RSVP every time.


Do you have bathrooms?

Yes. Three.

Do you have showers?

Just one. Also: we offer free moist towelettes! (;

Is there parking available?

No dedicated parking. There is metered street parking all around the area. Right across the street there is a parking garage for those staying a long time.

Can I park my bike somewhere safely?

You can park your bike in the gym. We have dedicated bike hooks for vertical storage on the ramp. Even when placing your bike in the gym, we suggest locking it up anyway.

What kind of equipment do you have?

Enough of the stuff we need. You can think of our facility as a big playpen for big kids. We have barbells, dumbbells, kettle bells ranging from 8kg to 32kg, bumper plates and steel plates, gymnastics rings, medicine balls, jump ropes, double dutch ropes, Concept 2 Rowers, glute-ham developers, a reverse hyper, tractor tires for flipping/jumping, smaller auto tires for dragging, sledgehammers, jump stretch bands, Anaconda chains, ab-mats, weight-vests, Rogue Fitness yokes, dowels, Schwinn AirDynes climbing ropes, racks, sandbags ranging from 30lbs to 120lbs, an assortment of SMR tools (rumble rollers, lacrosse balls, Theracanes, rolling pins, Rubz, etc.) a pullup bar cage and plenty more.

Can you tell me what the workout will be tomorrow?

It will be posted, but CrossFit is about being able to do the known, unknown and unknowable.

What are my responsibilities as an athlete?
  1. Work hard! Have fun!
  2. RSVP for class.
  3. Stay safe- listen to your body, not your ego
Other than that, we're pretty relaxed about things.

Ahh! My hands hurt.

I'm a lady and I don't want to be big and bulky lifting weights.

Unless you produce/supplement with the hormones that men do, you won't have to worry. Stronger does not mean bigger. See: http://journal.crossfit.com/2012/02/fashiontofitness.tpl


Who's responsible for the content?

Most of the time Andrew does the daily posts, but most of the staff contributes some way. Paolo is the media man and moves out most of the photography and videography, with the occasional helping of Andrew and Tony's work.

What are all of these acronyms and abbreviations?
  • WOD = Workout of the Day
  • AMRAP = 'as many rounds as possible' or 'as many reps as possible'
  • BW = body weight
  • C2 = Concept 2 Rowing Ergometer
  • C2B = chest-to-bar
  • C2W = chest-to-wall
  • K2E = knees-to-elbows
  • KB = kettlebell
  • kg / # = kilograms/pounds
  • PR = personal record
  • Rx = "as prescribed", meaning you performed the work exactly as it was intended
  • subbed = "substituted", meaning you needed to change something to fit your needs.
  • SupeRx = beyond what is prescribed.
  • T2B = toes-to-bar
  • T2R = toes-thru-rings/toes-to-rings
  • TGU = Turkish get-up
  • 5RM/3RM/1RM = your 5, 3, or 1-repetition maximum
  • HBD = Happy Birthday

I love the idea of CrossFit, but your facility isn't convenient for me. Any recommendations?

The following is a list of CrossFit affiliates in the surrounding area. Check out map.crossfit.com for a cool googlemap of all the affiliates worldwide.
Any more affordable gym options?
  • Anytime Fitness - Capitol Hill
  • Mode of Fitness - Capitol Hill
  • Urban Fit - Capitol Hill
  • Lab 5 Fitness - North Capitol Hill
Any other alternative fitness recommendations?
  • Phyzz Yoga
  • The Sweatbox (Bikram Yoga)
  • Century Ballroom
  • Fleet Feet Sports Running Program
What about body work?

I want to start building a home gym- any ideas?

Of course! We believe you should start with a relatively heavy kettlebell, then a pair of rings, then finally a barbell (in that order). Other great resources:


Want to add something? Let us know!