About FCF

CrossFit is a methodology that seeks to define what fitness is and how to achieve it. As it pertains to exercise, a common definition of fitness is being "physically sound; healthy."

Digging further, we find that healthy is the condition of "possessing good health" -- not much help when trying to quantify what it really means to be fit and healthy. Enter CrossFit. It uses continuously varied functional movements executed at a relatively high intensity to achieve it's definition of fitness -- increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains.

What the heck does it mean? Essentially, combining movements like pushing, pulling, bending, jumping, throwing, swinging, lifting, and running into fast, intense workouts will improve your performance across a broad range of activities. When you commit to the CrossFit methodology you will see a dramatic affect on your quality of life and experience a positive increase in your capacity for action and accomplishment regardless if your age is 17 or 75.


CrossFit works for everyone. Yes, it can include advanced movements and and skills that take time to develop. Yes, many of the workouts are fast and relatively intense. Yes, it can look really, really hard. But, the goal of CrossFit is to provide a structure for a better fitness that can be scaled down to meet any skill level from grade school to grad school to grand-parenthood. CrossFit is for anyone seeking to improve their fitness level and quality of being. People from all walks of life have used CrossFit to meet and exceed their own goals and so should you!


We make everyone an athlete. Our mission is to deliver professional CrossFit training to our athletes safely, and empower them with these means to achieve functional strength for life. Our concern is that each individual makes progress, not how many people are walking in through our doors. Each class and personal training session is given by an experienced, CrossFit qualified coach (and practitioner) who is dedicated to your success and well-being. You can come to our gym, have fun with a kick-ass workout and know that you have done something profound. We work very hard to achieve a specific supportive culture at our gym. Come revel in the camaraderie of Foundation CrossFit and see for yourself.


We have all these wonderful toys - barbells, kettlebells, bumper plates, jump ropes, plyo boxes, gymnastics rings, medicine balls, dumbbells, dragging sleds, Concept II rowing ergs, AirDynes, mats, Rogue pullup bars, jump/stretch bands, sandbags, parallettes, climbing ropes, ab-mats, slammer balls, yoga mats, lacrosse balls, foam rollers, Rumble Rollers, sledgehammers, beer kegs, a couple of tractor tires, a hill, a big stereo, and, of course, our bodies.

You can find a multitude of fancy equipment at fitness facilities (and some studios pride themselves on the latest and greatest), but the results lie in knowing how to utilize the tools to your advantage. We take out all the guess work and keep you injury-free by teaching you, progressively, how to use our toys each time you're in.


Weren't you listening? Foundation CrossFit is a no bullshit operation. No mirrors, no useless equipment, and no excuses. Get it done!

Our motto is "Do work. Have fun!". Our athletes come to learn and improve everyday and you can too!