Saturday, April 12, 2014


Join us today for a taste of the new HellaFit fitness classes down at CrossFit SLU. These classes will be the basis of our upcoming collaboration with the Cody app!

These HellaFit classes can be seen as an express version of a class- little to no equipment with more simple but effective movement.

The focus of this class is to provide fitness training in a group setting for members that want to emphasize an increase in energy, movement, and fat-loss, as well as better mobility. The main difference between this class and our main CrossFit class is that HellaFit does not involve strength-training in the program. Barbell movements (think of our STRENGTH portions of our day) are not taught in this class. This are completely inclusive and meant for everyone to participate.

Enjoy tomorrow as the last day of our Deload week. Monday marks the beginning of Max Week!

Things we'll test:
  • 100 pullups for time
  • 30 muscle-ups for time
  • a heavy deadlift
  • FIGHT GONE BETTER (wall ball, box jump, power snatch, row)
  • 1 mile rack walk
  • 1 mile run
  • 2010 WA State Sectionals Individual Event #1 (run/shoulder-to-overhead)
  • CGO 13.3
Otherwise enjoy your weekend and see you next week.

Upcoming Events:

WOD for Deload Saturday 4/12

Hella Fit!
  • DROM
  • arches
  • planks
  • glute bridges
  • inch worms
  • back bridges
  • burpees
  • toe taps
  • reverse crunches
  • and, of course, squats
Post reps to the whiteboard/the Cody app.


Read more about HellaFit right here.


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