Thursday, March 20, 2014

Deep Dips!

Laura W getting low and keeping a vertical forearm

Full range of motion is healthy range of motion!

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WOD for Test Week Thursday 3/20


within 10 minutes do 100 dips in as few sets as possible


Within 3 minutes row 500m and then complete as many double unders as possible in the remaining time. Rest 1 minute.

Do 5 rounds for max total double unders.

Compare to Tuesday 25FEB2014. Post score to whiteboard.


Our friend Barry of Broadcast Coffee started roasting his own beans- now he needs help with some names. Click here and vote for three of your favorites!


We don't usually talk about the psoas as much in mobility because we don't believe it's one of the big problem areas for most people.

Dr. Ryan DeBell of Pacific Sport and Spine and the Movement Fix put out this great discussion on the issue:

Rolling Out Your Psoas - Good Idea? With Special Guest - The Movement Fix


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