Thursday, January 9, 2014

HBD Mario!

(not enough reflective flare!)

Happy Bornday to Mario, one of our very talented team members! I remember when Mario first started with us- a skinny babydude dressed in Luon with mesmerizing eyes.

Now he's a beast who rips and pops shirts just for the fun of it. He can dip for days and will always lend out a scoop or two of brotein when you forget yours. Also: he and his wife are expecting their first born on STAR WARS DAY! They promised me they'd name him Baby Han.*^

Hope you have a good one today!

* No they didn't, but if we say it enough we can pull an INCEPTION on them...

^ Baby Lando could work too

WOD for Skills Week Thursday 1/9
Trainer's Choice!
Expect mobility for those who participated in Mon/Tues/Wed!
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