Monday, November 25, 2013

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

I’d like to thank all the athletes: thank you for making this day so special. I hope you had the opportunity to prove how much of a badass motherf*cker you are to yourself.

To my volunteers and my staff: thank you for making this possible and supporting me when I needed it, even if I said I didn’t.

To Sandi and Lee: thanks for providing care for our participants today.

To Anastasia: thank you for setting up the food drive with STAND UP FOR KIDS. It's awesome because it's for the kids!

To Muscle Milk: thanks for donating to our food drive!

To all my Firebreathers: first, thanks for dealing with me. Second, remember that you guys lead by example and by that, I mean you challenge yourselves to new and scary places- to levels where you're not sure of yourselves. But because of that you inspire others to follow your lead. It's going to be tough- keep up the hard work. Then we get to show off at competitions and throw downs that aren't "friendly competition". Remind yourselves that YOU are the trailblazers.

Jake A and Marley: thank you for being my social media team. To Paolo: your work is always met with high excitement and held with high regard. Thanks for capturing the event and I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say we’re pumped to see some photos… and the video!

To Mario: thanks for being that extra set of hands when I'm not able to be in both places at once!

Finally a special set of thank you’s need to be addressed: Jared, Blair, & Coleena: thank you for helping me plan the workouts, scoring, logistics, Facebook play-by-plays, grilling the food, running clocks, moving equipment, gathering volunteers, execution, and everything else. Without you guys, I would’ve gone crazy. We could not have had such an awesome day without all of you!

Thank you all that showed up and/or supported in one way or another and I hope to see you ready to fight for a W at VERSUS III: The Return of the Golden Hammer.


  • MOBILITY classes this week will be Tuesday at both 7am and 6:30pm.
  • We will be closed on Thanksgiving Day. We will run a limited schedule (9am, 10am, 11am classes only) on Friday 11/29 and Saturday 11/30.
  • The Stand Up For Kids food drive continues though Monday 12/2. Please donate any non-perishables you might have left after this weekend!
  • It’s supposed to be Max Week! But since you should’ve participated in VERSUS the body should be feeling a little beat. That and with Thanksgiving breaking up the second half of the week, we’re going to push the majority of the tests to next week.
  • You have a handful of fellow athletes running the Seattle Marathon (and Half Marathon) this coming Sunday! Come out and support if possible. We’ll have more details about that later in the week!

WOD for Thanksgiving Week 11/25


establish a 3RM back squat within 15 minutes


3 attempts to find your best effort L-sit/L-hang


500m row for time.

Post results to whiteboard/comments/Cody.



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