Sunday, August 18, 2013

Yoga continues for free in August!

Adrianne and Jake

Remember, we will continue to offer yoga classes for free this month. This will become an add-on program at the cost of $50/month for Unlimited Yoga. For those who wish to drop in on select classes, the drop in pricing will be $20/class for non-FCF/SLU athletes, and $10/class for FCF/SLU athletes. We believe this strikes a good balance for a complementary mobility/flexibility program for less than half the cost of attending a yoga studio.

This week's yoga schedule for FCF:
  • 10am Monday with Adrianne
  • 2pm Tuesday with Adrianne
  • 2pm & 6:30pm Thursday with Gaylin
Since we are still testing out the schedule, let us know what days & times you'd like to see!


WOD for Monday 8/19 (It's volume week!)


Backsquat 3x5



every minute on the minute for 15 minutes:
1 power clean
3 split jerks

Post jerk load to whiteboard/Cody.


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