Friday, August 2, 2013

Last Chance For Tomorrow's CrossFit Total

Karen B using a low-bar setup

We have the following down:
  • Margaret K b70 p35 d85
  • Dom C b100 p60 d135
  • Paul J b110 p50 d80
  • Marc G b165 p104 d215
  • Megan K b95 p43 d125
  • Coleena S b80 p31 d70
  • Scott S b140 p75? d150?
  • Steven C b105 p50? d115?
  • Nat S b90 p65? d130?
  • Tommy C b95 p45 d138
  • Shelly J b54 p25 d51
  • Mike P b115 p61 d140
  • Victor M b100 p50 d100
  • Jesus R b130 p75 d100
  • Alyssa G b75 p50 d50
  • Tomoki Y b160 p62 d184
  • Anastasia M b60 p33 d65
Please comment or send Andrew an email to reserve a spot! We won't be able to accommodate anyone just dropping by.

Come by before 2pm. We'll have a team pow wow to explain what we'll be doing as well as break you up into platform groups. Expect to be there for about 2 hours.

It'd be best to bring a lunch and/or snacks. Especially for Andrew (=


WOD for Benchmark Friday 8/2


every minute on the minute for 15 minutes:
2 snatches, 62/45kg*

immediately into

every minute on the minute for 15 minutes:
2 clean & jerks, 62/45kg*

*or 65% of your 1RM snatch and 65% of your 1RM clean & jerk

Post results to whiteboard/comments/Cody.


Weekend Reading:

Sheena and I were able to watch this live in person. The best part about this is that a.) Kendrick is human and however you cut it ISABEL is tough and b.) he doesn't sacrifice form for speed.


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