Monday, July 1, 2013

Celebrating Life

birthday girl dancing!

Today's work is dedicated to both Sheena C who celebrates her 27th birthday, as well as Colin F who just graduated his Family Medicine Residency.

the graduate reaching for the stars!

Send them good vibes!


We had an important email sent out to everyone. Please check your inboxes as it pertains to your membership. As always, let us know if you have any questions!


WOD for Monday 7/1


back squat 3x10



3 rounds for time:
13 ground-to-overhead, 45/30kg
28 situps
100m farmers walk, 48kg/32kg

At the end of the 3 rounds, finish with 32 burpees.

Post time to whiteboard/comments/Cody.


I started working out at Foundation CrossFit during the last year of my family medicine residency and I wish I had started on my first day instead. It took some time to find a four week period where I could complete the Foundations course, but I was motivated by the need to incorporate movement, strength, and training back into my life. 
I had tried on many occasions to work out on my own but I always plateaued, got bored, and quit. My body has felt so much better and more engaged during the last year; I am excited (and often nervous) to come work out. I appreciate the constant support and skills from Andrew, Sheena, Paolo, Zeb, Blair, Tony, and Amy. It has been a pleasure to work out in such a inviting community, fostering the development of athletic prowess and emphasizing health as a component of daily life.
Thanks for such kind words Colin! We're happy to have the likes of you and Eli as part of the family!


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