Monday, February 25, 2013

Mobility Seminar with K*Starr

Colin, Blair, Kelly Starrett, and Leslie at the CrossFit Mobility Seminar at CFFV.


WOD for Monday 2/25


establish a 1RM jerk within 20 minutes


choose one:
  • for time: 1 mile run
  • for time: 2k row
  • max calories on the airdyne in 5 minutes
Choose your cardio cafefully. We'll be prescribing you extra CV work over the next 5 weeks that we would like you to work on as we all go through the open (which you should sign up for here) and choosing a conditioning piece will be up to you.

Post results to whiteboard.


It's max week and we'll be finding some of your best lifts, as well as maxing out on your best bodyweight movements. Muscle-ups and pullups tomorrow:

Episode 330: The Muscle Up Receiving Position & The Organized Shoulder - MobilityWOD


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