Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Down & Up

Karen B


WOD for Wednesday 1/9


The OKAYBRO Complex:
  • power clean
  • jerk dip squat
  • jerk
  • (high bar) back squat
  • behind-the-neck jerk
Like yesterday, the goal is to get comfortable with the execution and flow of the movements. Going heavier is a bonus.



This is a partner WOD. The team will perform a 5-1 row. Alternating one after the other, partners will perform time trial rows: 500/500, 400/400, 300/300, 200/200, 100/100. Every row is to be performed at MAX intensity. While one partner is rowing the other will be “resting”.

The “rest” is completed with two kettlebells in the rack* position (24/16kg). The “resting” partner will rack the bells at the beginning of their partner’s row and will unrack them at the end of the row. Unracking of bells before the end of the row results in a 5 burpee penalty for every offense.

This workout is courtesy Old Country Iron Club. Post time to whiteboard.


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