Thursday, January 10, 2013

Iron Chests

Eric M mentally finding his happy place

The crew at Morgan Junction CF/ OCIC really opened my eyes to how underused the "kettles" are. Not only that, but how the time spent in the gym should also be for improving mental fortitude.

Great job to everyone who rowed as hard as possible, who held onto their kettles when they wanted to put them down, who pushed each other to be the best they could.

Way to work, y'all. See you tomorrow.


WOD for Thursday 1/9


play with the front lever for 15 minutes


kettlebell clean, 24/16kg
strict pullup
broad jump, 6/4"


- thoracic spine
- lower leg (gastroc, soleus, tib ant)

Maybe tomorrow's workout involves movements like snatches and wall ball, where T-spine mobility allows for better efficiency.


Seattle Investor Eyes Sacramento Kings - ESPN

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