Monday, December 3, 2012

Coach Martone

Blair, Coach Jeff Martone, and AB

An amazing cert this weekend at Morgan Junction CrossFit. I shot a video of Coach Martone juggling a "kettle" I need to upload.

Owner and head instructor Zach says "The kettlebell is the single most neglected piece of equipment in most gyms and in the CrossFit community." It's true.

Let's change that.



establish within 15 minutes:
a heavy 1-rep push press

The goal is to find the heaviest weight that form will allow. Once the knees and hips lock out they must remain locked out. The bar may start slowing down once it's above forehead-level, but keep fighting.

Pendlay Row 3x8

This accessory is to be done after your rack group finishes the push presses. Go heavier than last week, but maintain technique.

10-to-1 reps for time:
hang squat clean, 61/45kg
slapping pushups

The bar must start in a solid hang position before performing the clean for each rep. Full extension isn't necessary for the pushup.

Post time to whiteboard.


FAQ - Old Country Iron Club Training Log


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