Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ultimate Frisbee FCFers

This past weekend, Gina P. (ultimate player and Foundation CrossFitter) qualified to go to the Club Ultimate National Championships next month in Sarasota, FL. Her team Underground played against Vancouver's Zephyr for fourth place and the final bid from the Northwest region to the national championship tournament.

FCFer Ben B's season ended at Northwest Regionals, unfortunately. He played in the game-to-go to Nationals, but the final bid was taken by Furious George, a team from Vancouver.

"I had a great season though and earned a starting spot on my team, Voodoo." - Ben B.

Amazing work by the both of you bad ass motherfunkers.



establish within 15 minutes:
front squat 1RM


for 10 minutes:
handstand, 30 seconds
rest 30 seconds


for time:
2k row

Post results to whiteboard.


Is CrossFit Training Good For Kids? - (via Eric P)


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