Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mmm Paleo

PaleoRx 2014 started yesterday!

Registration continues through the end of the week, so if you've been on the fence now's your chance! Fix your nutrition. Improve performance. Change your life.

Volume Week Tuesday 4/29


deadlift 5x3

Go heavier than last week and rest exactly 90 seconds between sets.


as many reps as possible in 25 minutes:
70 double unders
60 burpees
50 deadlifts, 61/45kg
40 strict pullups
30 box jumps, 30/24"
ME clusters (full clean + thruster), 61/45kg

Compare and contrast to 18MAR2014, 06MAR2014. Post time to whiteboard/the Cody app.


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