Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Jerk Footwork

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Sarah split jerks

What does your footwork look like? Coach Mike Burgener has a diagram he likes to draw out. We like to simplify it with a half-way lunge with slight modifications to the feet positions.

The Outlaw Way came out with this video by SuperCleary recently:

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WOD for Skills Week Wednesday 4/23


push press 7x3. rest 90 seconds exactly between sets.


CrossFit Games 2012 - TRACK TRIPLET

3 rounds for time:
8 split jerks, alternating, 61/45kg
7 bar muscle-ups
400m run

Games had a 13-minute cutoff. We'll have a 20-minute cutoff. Post time to whiteboard.


Why is your footwork so important? Coach Bob Takano explains:

The 2 Fundamental Roles of Footwork in the Jerk - Breaking Muscle


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