Saturday, March 15, 2014

Upcoming FCFCFSLU Events

Upcoming Events for Foundation CrossFit and CrossFit SLU:
More details will be published as these events creep closer!

CrossFit Total
Saturday, April 5th
9am to 12pm at Foundation CrossFit

At CrossFit SLU from 9am to 12pm you can come test your 1-rep maxes for the back squat, overhead press, and deadlift!

The 9am hour will deal with backsquats, 10am the press, and 11am the deadlift. This will not be held in the format of the original CFT (as it takes too long), but rather the #OccupyStrength format (as stated below) to make sure it's timely and a little more energetic.

We will group all athletes into similar height/strength groups, give you a rack with plenty of weight. You'll have a time limit for you and the entire squad to a.) load the barbells properly b.) judge each other c.) encourage each other d.) LIFT SOME HEAVY SHIT!

Let's RSVP here (unofficially) so I can get a general headcount. I will confirm with all actual participants

Feel free to invite your friends from other affiliates- $20 to drop in for the entire day OR they can buy a t-shirt/tank/hoodie if we have sizes.

CrossFit Total Nights
Friday, May 16th
5pm to 8pm at CrossFit SLU

Same as above, except this is the sexier night version starting with back squats at 5pm, then presses at 6pm, and finally deadlifts from 7pm till finish.

Maybe we'll grab beers somewhere after.

Weightlifting Total
Saturday, May 24th
9am to 11am at Foundation CrossFit

We will run a Weightlifting Total (1RM snatch + 1RM clean & jerk) from 9am until 11am.

Running Time Trials
Saturday, May 24th
12pm. Location TBD

We will meet at a proper track to get some immaculate times for 5k's and 400m sprints.

VERSUS IV: The Reckoning
Sunday, May 25th
10am to 2pm at Foundation CrossFit

Our in-house throw down between Foundation CrossFit vs CrossFit SLU. More details coming soon, otherwise REGISTER HERE.

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