Saturday, March 15, 2014

Today's Event: CGO 14.3!

To reserve your heat for the CGO 14.3 event on Saturday 3/15/2013, visit the FCF Zen Planner March calendar and follow our helpful step-by-step registration below!

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  • There are limited spaces in each heat since there is a 1:1 ratio of judge:athlete. If a heat is full, please select another one.
  • If an emergency comes up and you cannot come to your registered heat, please send an email to with the subject titled "CANCEL HEAT" so that another athlete can compete in your place.
  • If you are not registered for the CrossFit Games Open, you do not need to register for a heat. You are welcome to show up and compete in any of the heats since you do not require an official judge!

Upcoming Events:
or Double Under Ladder
Let's open up the thoracic spine, hamstrings, and hips to make you HINGE at the hip, rather than BEND in the back.
  • Don't jump. Step up, step down and imagine you're kicking ass at a Richard Simmons' VHS tape. Same tight neon clothes, just more muscular athletes. It's been a proven tactic that jumping up and down doesn't really move too fast... power a few reps and be forced to rest vs pacing a slower movement? Let's go with the latter.
  • For stepping up, try attacking the corner of the box so you don't have to move your foot up and over, especially if you have shorter legs for your box height.
  • Prepare by walking the stairs, going for two or three at a time (seriously), then build up to a standard 18" bench, then the 20" box, then the 24" if you're a dude.
  • You can try a couple of jumps for power, but don't use that shit in the workout please.
  • Do your best to save your rests for the deadlift. Keep moving!

To really get the rest of the body ready before we warmup the deadlift, hit the following for 2-3 rounds of 5 reps:
  • RDL
  • Bent Over Row
  • Push Press
  • Good Morning
  • Back Squat
Then warmup to higher than the deadlift load you're hoping to hit.

  • Use the powerlifter version of the deadlift. There's no need to finish every rep with a shoulder roll backwards... especially if you don't want to dump all that tension into the low back
  • Just stand up by lifting your chest. Get to full extension with the knees and hips.
  • Use your legs. Don't RDL everything. Keep you head in line with your spine!
  • Play with grip! Hook grip? Tape your thumbs. Mixed grip?!
  • Some people have said using a thinner diameter bar helps! 15kg bars for everyone?
  • Keep your work sets manageable and stick with a rest interval (ex: 5 deep breaths)
  • Do not grind out any reps and don't let your form go to waste.
  • As you get tired turn your deadlift into something similar to a clean pull (setting hips lower and really firing off the quads) to keep momentum going.

Rest for at least 10 minutes before your performance. Drink your water, use the bathroom, and make sure you have all your tools ready if you require them (hands chalked, belt on, thumbs taped, knee-high socks on, nervous urinations, etc...)


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