Monday, March 31, 2014

March Graduates 2014

A huge congratulations goes out to our new March Graduates!

They finished out their FOUNDATIONS program with "CINDY" and will now be joining you in classes. Welcome them to our community and introduce yourself!

Upcoming Events:
  • CrossFit Total - Saturday 4/5 at CFSLU. 9am to 12pm.

WOD for Skill Week Monday 3/31


back squat 7x3. Go heavier than last week by ~5%.



5 rounds for max reps:
bench press, BW/.7BW

Post score to whiteboard/the Cody app.


The CrossFit Games Open 2014 has wrapped! That means we can all focus on the fun of it again- no more gym closures and weird talks about CGO 14.blank and posting scores and getting judged, etc.

For those who didn't realize it, every spring is when we will participate with the rest of the world. It's not necessarily about competing with others as it is seeing where you stack up fitness-wise on a worldwide scale.

On Facebook there was this great share:
A lot of people give me real shit for posting 'all that CrossFit stuff'. Some of them seem truly annoyed even. To y'all, I apologize. I'm sorry that this thing that shaved 20 pounds off of my frame, got me athlete fit and ignited a passion to be the best me possible, annoys your feed. All I can say is this, find something, anything that challenges the parameters of what you think your capable of in life and it will open you up to a part of yourself you never knew existed. For the last five weeks I've been participating in the 2014 CrossFit Open; competing against 40,000 people globally in some of the the most hellacious, and grueling physical tasks I've ever attempted. Some of it was really fun. A lot of it really sucked. But overall, it's made me a better person. I never in a million years thought working out could do that. And surely not at 42 years of age. 14.5 in the books, score of 15:51. Pumped....and yes, I'll lay off the CrossFit posts for a while. HA.

Well Sal, we're with you!

Congratulations to all of those who participated this year, both as athletes and as judges.

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