Thursday, February 27, 2014

How's Your Stabilization?

Mika S

Candlesticks as seen above require a good amount of midline stabilization and control.

The general public likes "core" work for 6-pack abs. We want you to be strong so that you can stabilize your spine for heavier and more difficult work.

Upcoming Events:
WOD for Thursday 2/27

for max intensity/reps, 1-minute stations of:
- pike situps
- reverse crunches
- russian situps
- stretched out plank
- rest
- arch-up
- arch-up with legs only
- arch-up with chest only
- arch snow angel
- rest
- dead bug, alternating
- hip bridge-up, R
- hip bridge-up, L
- leg lever + reverse crunch
- rest
- bird dog, R leg + L arm
- bird dog, L leg + R arm
- fire hydrant with kick back, R
- fire hydrant with kick back, L
- fingertip plank
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