Friday, February 28, 2014

14.1 is 11.1

To reserve your heat for the CGO 14.1 event on Saturday 3/1/2013, visit the SLU Zen Planner March calendar and follow our helpful step by step registration below.

  • Sign up to be a judge here.
  • There are limited spaces in each heat since there is a 1:1 ratio of judge:athlete. If a heat is full, please select another one.
  • If an emergency comes up and you cannot come to your registered heat, please send an email to with the subject titled "CANCEL HEAT" so that another athlete can compete in your place.
  • You will be responsible for showing up early enough to get your own warmup in.
  • If you are not registered for the CrossFit Games Open, you do not need to register for a heat. You are welcome to show up and compete in any of the heats since you do not require an official judge.
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Upcoming Events:

WOD for Friday 2/28


Let's get prepared for CGO 14.1 tomorrow at CrossFit SLU- time to mobilize your sticky spots, dial in the technique you need, and game plan your workout!

If you're not participating in the open: heavy farmers walks and yokes. For real. Because that's what you get.


14.1 Quick and Effective Warmup - The Movement Fix

CGO 14.1 WOD Strategy Tips for Snatches and Double Unders - Barbell Shrugged

The official FCFCFSLU warmup will be listed tomorrow.


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