Monday, January 27, 2014

What a Freakin Weekend!

KB, Ann-Marie, Lillian, AB, Anastasia, Vicky, Moonboots, Mark, Ben, Sara, Megan, Jenny, Erik, Patryk, Tony, Mike, Paul, EJ, and Brian

Congrats to everyone who participated in Local's Gym's Cretus Ex Duellum 2014 event!

as well as all of those who participated in the CrossFit Kettlebell Course with Zach and Roo of Morgan Junction CrossFit

Adi, Grayson, Jessie, Cheryl, Sheena, Jared, Roo, Zach, Ron, and MacGregor

and finally to Jake who represented at Ergomania! He set a PR for his 2k!

Jake V

WOD for Monday 1/27
for 10 minutes:
15-second handstand
15-second rest
21-15-9 reps for time:
back squat, 61/45kg
Compare and contrast to 06JAN2014. Post time to whiteboard/comments/the Cody app.

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