Thursday, January 16, 2014

Active Recovery Thursday

Beau B rolling out his back


WOD for Thursday 1/16


It's another Trainer's Choice Thursday, so you'll be at the mercy of whatever the trainer thinks will prepare you for the weekend. Business as usual.


How Do We Honor Kevin Ogar? - Breaking Muscle

For those who don't follow the larger competitive community, a popular competitive fitness competition in California (not associated with CFHQ) this past weekend ended with an athlete suffering a massive injury. I have a friend from AZ who was there competing in the same heat and the staff apparently didn't stop the event.

Here's my 2 cents: Max 3-rep touch and go snatch for load? As the 8th workout of the weekend? That's dumb programming. And having that much shxt around the lifting area? Not cool. The athletes at FCF and CFSLU know how much we bug out when you have an extra 2.5kg plate hanging out on the floor where bars can drop. I've seen instances where people were fast (and lucky) enough to avoid injury. Ogar was not so lucky.

Does this mean you should stop CrossFitting? Hell no. We won't ever put you in a situation as avoidable as that.

Freak accident or not, we have a fellow CrossFitter who might not walk again. That's a couple degrees away from the ultimate sacrifice. Like most trainers, he did not have health insurance. The community is banding together to help out.

You can help Kevin out at (source)

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