Thursday, November 21, 2013

Team Photoshoot

Zeb, Blair, Cheryl, Andrew, Colin
Pao, Tony, Jared, Leslie, Sheena

Our friend and talented photographer Mark Malijan came in and a handful of trainers for his portfolio! Unfortunately we couldn't capture everyone, but we had a pretty epic time.

Check the rest of his work, including a nice taste of our set here!

  • There will be a Comp Ex Program meeting this Saturday at 11am at CFSLU.
  • VERSUS II: Electric Boogaloo is happening this Sunday 11/24 here at FCF from 10am to 2pm! We will have a BBQ Potluck after and everyone's invited to join us!

WOD for Deload Thursday 11/21


front squat 3x10


Trainer's Choice, but I may have influenced them to work on weighted burpee box jumps. Or mobilizing. Or mobilizing WHILST doing weighted burpee box jumps. In the dark.

Post results to your journal/Cody.



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