Thursday, September 12, 2013

Weightlifting and Cardio

Ken Y

Dynamic range of motion (aka joint articulation) is a great tool for warmup and cooldown. It's a great way to get the cardio up, internal temperature to rise, as well as prepare the motor patterns for the exercise done at greater intensities.

It's also a great diagnostic to figure out what's sore or funky for the day!


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WOD for Thursday 9/12


play with kipping pullup progressions for 15 minutes


12x2 hang snatch (at the knee)

Post results to whiteboard/comments/Cody. "FRAN" tomorrow.


Extracurricular CV for Thursday 9/12

6 x 400m

6 x 500m

6 x 1 min max calories

Must stay with 5 seconds of best 500m. Rest exactly 90 seconds after each attempt. 20 burpees per offense that violates the 5 second rule.

Endurance Team WOD for 9/12
1.) Alternating Foot Pulls 2x20, each leg
2.) Partner Falling Drill 2 rounds each partner
10k run for time.
The SLU loop is just over a 10k at 6.4 total miles or 25x400m on a track.

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