Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Yoga at FCF

Our very own athletes Gaylin and Adrianne are excited to finally bring yoga to Foundation CrossFit!

We plan on introducing yoga to our facility, but we need your help to see when you would want it!

Today we plan to run two classes: 2pm and 6pm. Bringing your own yoga mat would be suggested, but not required. No need to RSVP either. Let's play and figure this out!

First up is Gaylin:

My classes are primarily the Power Vinyasa style which focuses on moving through yoga poses with flow and constant emphasis on the breath. By practicing yoga, you will gain strength, better awareness of your body, flexibility, calm your mind, and just plain have fun! Whether you are veteran yogi or are brand new, come join in a class! Hope to see you soon!

Adrianne will teach Thursday at 2pm!


Adrianne has been practicing yoga for 7 years, incorporating it with Crossfit for the last 3. Adrianne teaches both Hatha and vinyasa flow. Hatha is a stretching & strengthening class which will help with flexibility and mobility. Vinyasa is more of a constant flow of movement linking the breath to that movement. Both classes will provide better movement, endurance, flexibility, balance, etc to aid your Crossfit classes and all around fitness! :)

WOD for Tuesday 8/6


perform a 90-second (minimum) still ring routine/sequence.


"TEST 3"

tabata squats

immediately into

max muscle-ups in 4 minutes

Score = [tabata squat score] x [total muscle-ups]. Compare to 25JUL2013. Post results to whiteboard/comments/Cody.

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