Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Run or Row: the Choice Is Yours

Ryan S aka Moonboots

Sign up for the Freestyle Connection Seminar with Carl Paoli on Sunday 10/27 here.

Yoga continues for FREE this week, check the sidebar to the right for scheduled times. We will be running classes at 
2pm on Tuesday, August 27 with Gaylin.
Thursday at 9am with Adrianne, 2pm and 6:30pm with Gaylin.
Saturday at 8am with Adrianne.

WOD for Tuesday 8/27


play with bar muscle-up for 10 minutes


5 rounds:
400m run/500m row
15 power kbs, 32/24kg
10 box jumps, 30/24"
5 muscle-up

Work to rest 1:1. You must step down from the box jump. Muscle-up should be as strict as possible. Post results to whiteboard/comments/Cody.


Endurance Team


- Pulling Wall Drill: back against wall in POSE. Without breaking posture, release leg to the ground, then immediately pull heel up towards butt using hamstrings. (20 reps each leg)

- Running Wall Drill: facing wall in POSE, extend arms and fall into wall (NO BENDING AT HIPS). Using hamstrings, pull left heel up to right knee. As left foot releases to the ground, alternate feet and shift support by snapping right foot off the ground. (20 reps each leg)

- Alternating Foot Pulls w/Cadence: set metronome to 80 and begin in POSE. To start shuffle, fall slightly forward and momentarily shift weight onto right leg and pull left foot slightly off ground. Continue shuffle forward by shifting weight onto right leg. As weight is transferred to left foot, PULL right foot up towards butt using hamstrings. Without shifting support, extend right foot toward ground and land on ball of foot. Resume shuffle with consistent rhythm. (Every beep of the cadence means one pull with right leg) (20 reps each leg)

ENDURANCE WOD for Tuesday 8/27

Run 10k

Hold fastest pace possible. We'll be running the SLU loop rain or shine so dress accordingly!


- Calf SMR
- Weighted Pike Stretch


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