Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mobilization Prep: Rack

How do you prep for better rack position?


WOD for Wednesday 8/14


bench press 5x3


5 rounds for time:
12 front lunges, 60/45kg
40 double unders

Post time to whiteboard/comments/Cody.


Why Weightlifting Shoes - Tabata Times

My preference from best to worst:
  • Nike Romaleo 2 - the best on the market for weightlifting, but they are an investment at $190. With the 2 they made significant improvements with the weight of the shoe.
  • Inov-8 Fast Lift 335 - the best hybrid lifting shoe for multiple-element workouts (like today!). Light, powerful, and with a forefoot flexible enough for short runs. Great mid-level shoe priced at $150
  • Adidas Adipower - similar to the Romaleo. If you're a fan of the brand and their other shoes these might fit better than the Nikes. $199
  • Rogue Weightlifting Shoe - best economy shoe (.5" heel), good for wider feet, and only $120
  • 2013 Pendlay Weightlifting Shoe - another great economy shoe (see here)
  • Adidas PowerLift Trainer 1 & 2 - not a fan of the fit or the foam heel, but affordable around $99. If you're going to invest in a shoe, don't go cheap. Wait and save until you can get a better shoe.
  • Reebok CrossFit OLY Lifter - not a fan of the materials, fit, or the sole. At first this was the only hybrid on the market so it was the only recommendation I could give. It's not a terrible shoe, but with the arrival (and price match of $150) of the Inov-8 Fast Lift I can't help but suggest anything else.
If you're in the market for weightlifting shoes try Rogue Fitness. There's also Born to Run near REI- local but they only carry the Inov-8 Fast Lift and Reebok OLY Lifter. Remember: wear one of our shirts and receive a 20% discount.


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