Thursday, May 23, 2013

On-Ramp Teamwork

Foundations May 2013: Amanda, Shelby's back, Dan, Angelo, and Masud


WOD for Thursday 5/22


play with freestanding handstands for 12 minutes


for quality:
50 kettlebell floor presses
50 turkish get-ups

Post results to whiteboard/comments/Cody.


When the Pursuit of Skinny and Strong Collide - Fit and Feminist
"We don’t need a new 'skinny.' We don’t need a new beauty standard, nor do we need yet another physical ideal hanging over our every thought and move like a little black cloud of doom. What we need to do is change the paradigm so that we value our bodies for all of the amazing things they let us do. We need to expand our standards of beauty to recognize that beauty shows up in all kinds of bodies. And we need to get over this idea that the most important purpose we serve on is to be beautiful for other people. Our time on this planet is precious and we will never, ever get it back, so let’s stop squandering it in pursuit of meaningless ideals we will most likely never attain anyway. We deserve so much better than that."

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