Wednesday, May 22, 2013


In the second of the three birthday workouts coming to you this week, we celebrate our own staff members's!

Jessie joined us earlier this year as the primary office manager of CrossFit SLU and an amazing addition to the crew!


WOD for Wednesday 5/22


every minute on the minute for 12 minutes:
2 snatches



for time:
800m run
50 front lunges, 61/40kg
800m run

Post results to whiteboard/comments/Cody.


Extracurricular CV 5/22



  • 5 minutes on
  • 2:30 minutes recovery
  • 6 minutes on
  • 3 minutes recovery
  • 7 minutes on
These are all out efforts. Go for max speed and distance.

Extracurricular Cardio is optional homework but is highly suggested for becoming a well-rounded athlete. It is usually released twice a week: once for the first half of the week, and again for the second half (and weekend). It will not be given out during our Max/Testing weeks, as to not interfere with our maxing/testing.

Our athletes can complete on their own at home, on the road, or at our gym (given that the rower/AD isn't being used by the classes). This will not cost a class to utilize the equipment once given the okay by the trainer. Have fun, stay fit!


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