Thursday, March 7, 2013

Welcome to the CrossFit Games Open 2013.

Welcome to the CrossFit Games Open 2013.

Our teams will compete in an "Open Throwdown" every week. Here we will compete for your official score, which will be verified by us, and posted up on the leaderboards.
  • CGO 13.1 - Friday 3/8, 7pm @ CrossFit SLU
  • CGO 13.2 - Saturday 3/16, 12pm @ CrossFit SLU
  • CGO 13.3 - Friday 3/22, 4-8pm @ CrossFit SLU
  • CGO 13.4 - Saturday 3/30, 1:30pm @ Foundation CrossFit
  • CGO 13.5 - Friday 4/5, 7pm @ CrossFit SLU.
Friday the 5th will be our End of the Open celebration party!

If you cannot make it to the Open Throwdowns, please contact me.

We're running it this way so that everyone can perform in a competition setting with proper judging by peers, as well as your normal training staff. You can become a judge here.

We highly recommend going through this course as it will not only allow you more opportunity, but you'll become a better athlete with a deeper understanding of what your trainers do on a daily basis.

Otherwise we're going to have a great time pushing ourselves to the limit, breaking personal records, and setting new expectations for ourselves.

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Frequently Asked Questions
* last updated Thurs 3/7 *

Why can't I do this when I want?
We need to have you judged properly and you'll thrive in a competition setting vs. the everyday gym-going experience. Scores need to be entered into the system by Sunday.

Will these Throwdowns count towards my membership frequency?
Nope, as these are out-of-class times.

Anymore questions? Ask away!


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