Wednesday, March 13, 2013

EMOMS and Extra CV



WOD for Wednesday 3/13

every minute on the minute for 24 minutes:
power snatch + hang snatch (even minutes)
rope climb + 20 alternating pistols (odd minutes)

- Go as heavy as form will allow for snatches. Straps are not only allowed, but encouraged. 
- Do one or two rope climbs, depending on your skill and difficulty level.
- You can also go for a no-leg or even an L-sit rope climb.
- Here's hoping 13.2 doesn't include more snatches, rope climbs, or pistols!

This workout comes out to 25 full rounds. Post heaviest snatch complex to whiteboard.


Extracurricular CV (1 of 2) for the week!

10 x 200m all-out efforts. Recovery is 1:5

10 x 250m all-out efforts. Set drag factor between 120-140.

for max paced distance in 12 minutes:
30 seconds on, 30 seconds off.

Post results


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