Tuesday, March 5, 2013

CV Homework: Week of 3/4 (1 of 2)

As we've mentioned in class last week, we've got you covered for out-of-class conditioning. This will be workout 1 of 2 this week.

Matt M, Brian C, AJ, and Ann Marie

Here's your Extracurricular CV work for today (3/5) or tomorrow (3/6):


6 rounds, each for time:

2 minute recovery after each attempt.


6 rounds, each for time:
250m row

Rest 90 seconds after each attempt.


for max calories in 15 minutes:
15 seconds on, 45 seconds off

All 15-second intervals are all out.

Post results to comments.



BCS said...

I'm doing the running for my extra conditioning. First five rounds were between 1:55 and 1:58. Last round was 1:51. This was tough but I felt sufficiently recovered after 2 min to hit each run hard.

BCS said...
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