Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Would you rather be on the Airdyne?

The 40-stroke warmup is not only a warmup, but when done properly has the added benefit of driving bad habits out of your row technique. Would you row 500m with just your arms? Maybe with just your back and your arms? Or would you lock your upper body in place and first drive out hard with your legs? The point of the 40-stroke warmup is to transfer the driving force away from your arms and into the largest muscles in your body, your legs. Watch the numbers on the monitor as you transition from each 10-stroke segment. The wattage should go up, the split time should go down. And the stroke should feel more powerful when your legs do most of the work. Could you even slow down your stroke rate and maintain your work output?

When all three levers are in play - the moment when your legs are almost finished driving and your back is swinging and your arms are just about to start pulling - that is the most powerful portion of your rowing stroke.

Bonus question: What does the area under the curve represent?




hang snatch 12x1


7 rounds for max reps:
300m row
max handstand pushups

Rest as necessary between rounds.

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