Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sled Drag Thursdays

Dragging sleds can be a great way to get an "active rest day" when needing to recover and/or prepping for an event during a deload week like we're currently in (I'm talking to you, Cretus Ex Duellum athletes). To all those competing this weekend, let's meet at 6:30pm FCF on Friday to game plan.

If you're free this weekend and NOT competing, we'd love to have your support up at Local's Gym this Saturday and Sunday. We have a bunch of folk signed up to compete and it'll be a grand ol' time. Plus: beer.




play with the front lever for 20 minutes


for time:
50 split jumps
5 rope climbs
40 split jumps
4 rope climbs
30 split jump
3 rope climbs
20 split jumps
2 rope climbs
10 split jumps
1 rope climb

Post time to whiteboard.



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