Monday, January 28, 2013

Seattle Affiliate League - Week 2: Team CFT

Our teams competed at Jet City CrossFit, who were amazing hosts!

They did a Team CrossFit Total:
  • establish a 1RM back squat within 8 minutes
  • rest 2 minutes
  • establish a 1RM press within 8 minutes
  • rest 2 minutes
  • establish a 1RM deadlift within 8 minutes
Team Foundation CrossFit totaled 2950# for a 5th Place finish, while Team CrossFit SLU finished with a 2800# for an 8th Place finish. Current standings: FCF is in 8th, CFSLU is in 9th.

Our MVP this weekend was Sandi, who showed up to support and ended up filling in for our squad... in street clothes!

What a studette!

Who's in for next weekend? CFSLU is hosting and it'll all happen sometime in the morning.


WOD for Monday 1/28


back squat 3x10

15 minute limit. Squat as deep as you can keep your back straight.


10-to-1 for time:
kettlebell clean and press

Use a weight appropriate for your pressing strength. Attempt strict situps, allowing your body to come to a complete rest over the ab-mat. Post back squat and time to whiteboard.


Did you know we have a youtube page? We're starting a handful of different series, starting with our exercise library.

What would you like to see?


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