Thursday, November 15, 2012

Roo's 712 Jerks

Marissa Luchau of the new West Seattle affiliate Morgan Junction CrossFit recently broke a world record in Long Cycle Jerk.

On October 20th she set a new world record with 712 jerks.
Congrats Roo!



mobility work


for 25 minutes:
6 kettlebell jerks, 24/16kg
100m suitcase walk

There is no specific load for the suitcase walk. Go as heavy as good posture will allow.


ATTN #OccupyStrength Athletes: This Saturday is THE DAY.

  • Have a plan: have your warmups and opening lifts planned!
  • Get some rest: doesn't mean you can't work out, but don't use the same intensity you usually go. This also means sleep well! (Thursday night AND Friday night)
  • Hydrate: duh!
  • Mobilize: You have to prep the body. Restorative motions, stretching, and SMR are all recommended.
  • Prep your gear: Bring your lifting shoes, your CrossFit shoes, your FCF shirt, clothes to keep you warm, "hydration vessel", knee sleeves, your lucky/favorite socks, etc. I'll bring chalk and athletic tape
  • Nutrition: bring food!
Blair came up with this nifty warmup table where you can plug in your numbers and it generates magic:

Email her if you've got questions!


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