Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Breaking Kyphotic Backs Since 2007

Sandi opening up Zeb's spine

A poem by Eric P, one of the Strength kids:
On the phone there’s a map
On the map there’s a town
In the town there’s a door (look for tires) 
That door’s to a gym
In the gym there’s a bench
And on that bench: Zebediah*. 
He’s bigger than you
And he’s stronger than you
And there’s not that much hair on his head 
And he eats more than you
And has #hellatattoos
He’s our guide, he’s our coach, he’s our Zeb. 
If you’re rounding your back
Or your knees don’t point out
Or your clean looks dirty and deficient 
A booming voice will descend
From the heavens it seems
Zebediah sees all – he’s omniscient 
So here’s to our Coach
Our mentor, our spotter
Gentle Viking in Triple XL 
We’re strong cause of you
And with that strength we shout out
All together: a mighty Fuck yeah!
Thank you Zeb!
Interested in joining our strength program? Email us!

*His full name is Zebuliah.



play with the front lever for 10 minutes

as far as possible in 20 minutes:
shuttle run (10m)
10 senders

1st round: one 10m shuttle runs then ten senders
2nd round: two 10m shuttle runs then twenty senders
3rd round: three 10m shuttle runs then thirty senders

Post total senders completed to whiteboard.


Tuesday 11/20/2012 - CrossFit Football


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