Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Coming Soon: the Competitor's Class

We will soon run a "Competitor's Class" every Saturday at 12pm at CrossFit SLU. This class will be open to members of both FCF and SLU.

Open to everyone, the purpose of this class is to learn how to "game" your workouts, feel what it's like to have a personal judge/ rep counter, and develop the capacity to train at a competitive CrossFit level. Plus the more I can pit Team Foundation CrossFit vs Team CrossFit SLU, the better!

This class will be challenging, but not impossible. More and more of the "competitive exercise" events have categories for Firebreathers, Scaled, Masters, and Team. We'll cover each of these, depending on the needs of those in attendance. This will also allow us a time to work on goats weaknesses that creep up on you.

It will be helpful to have your journal and PRs on hand to help develop a better game plan. Contact Andrew for more info.



every minute on the minute for 12 minutes:
2 power cleans


for time:
30 shoulder-to-overhead, 80/50kg

Every time the bar is put on the ground, perform 30 box jumps at 24/20". Post results to whiteboard!


Dominic Lacasse - Standing on a Human Flag (via Colin B)


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Rich said...

I wasn't going to sign up for this, I've had a fear of creeping goats ever since I was young, when I worked the night shift on a small cheese farm in northern Scotland. I used to lock the barn doors but somehow they would always slip through the windows or under the rotten wall on the north side, and just when I least suspected it - BAM! Goat. I'm glad you took them out of the program, I was worried they had creeped all the way across the Atlantic.