Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Unknown and Unknowable

Wednesday, July 11th was a full day of competition for the men and women. Four scored events awaited the athletes off-site from the Home Depot Center at the U.S. Marine base, Camp Pendleton.

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deadlift 1RM

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Jo is now on her final training runs on the way to the Olympics!! Less than a month to go!

We will be honoring our favorite Olympian with a special workout on Saturday, July 21st. Jeff Pierce (another BAMF in our gym) will be running the workout at FCF. It has been designed to approximate the uber-challenging Omnium event that Jo will be competing in.

As a special bonus, Jeff will be gifting a special edition tshirt to all who show up! So an email RSVP is required to let us know what tshirt size you are. Respond by the end of the day to get your size!

These will fit similar to the Eat Better to Live Better tshirts.



okaybro said...

Damn, no idea our gym had a Tour De France Stage winner. JEFF = TOTAL BAMF!

Lee A said...


Not bad for the very first time. =D