Friday, July 20, 2012


The FCF Strength Program kicks off next Wednesday, July 25th! We have 5 more spots available ...

Duration will be a minimum of 6 weeks straight, continue as long as you need to get stronger. $50 per month for existing members for your personalized program. You will be coached by Zeb, BCS and AB. Wednesday @ 7:30pm, Friday @ 7:30pm, Sunday @ 11am. There will be no CrossFit class held at these times. A few more details here.

for time:
30 clean & jerks, 60/45kg
compare to 10FEB2012. Post time to whiteboard.

Go Jo!

The workout is set and will be explained to you on Saturday. Shirts are in process as well! They look awesome. Come show your support, and hopefully you RSVP'd by last week for a free tshirt! Otherwise, we will have a limited number available for purchase, $20 gets you an awesome American Apparel FCF All-Blacks tshirt!


Outdoor Activities

In case you forgot, it's time to dust of your viking helmets. The Warrior Dash is this weekend! Looking forward to seeing everyone out there on Sunday! If you're looking for details, we've got not one, but two Facebook events for it:

Looking for an outdoor event, but maybe something a little closer? Is FCF close enough for you? Join us Sunday, July 29th for our very own OBSTACLE RUN! Whether you're training for a longer event (Tough Mudder, anyone?) or just looking for something fun to do, all FCF/FA members are welcome to join.

This is not a typical CrossFit workout! There will be a lot of running (up to 4 miles!). However, it'll scale to whatever level you're up for. The shortest option includes about 1.5 miles of running. We're not going to unveil all the details quite yet, but you can get the latest on our facebook event page.

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