Thursday, April 17, 2014

PaleoRx 2014 Details

Plan to hear about this over and over!

Nutrition is important to reaching your goals. Depending on what those goals are determine which paths you can take. As those who continually test work capacity, rest, and recovery, we definitely want to consider how the types of fuel you feed yourself determine how you look, feel, and perform.

For those who are just getting into exercise, those wanting to change body composition (see: lower body fat), improve energy and clarity, and perform better, we suggest the Paleo diet.

If I may quote World Class Fitness in 100 words:
Eat meat and vegetables, seeds and nuts, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that support exercise but not bodyfat.
The paleo diet is simple, but let's remember: simple does not necessarily mean easy.

Instead of focusing on what to rid yourself of, we want you to fill yourself up with more of the good stuff: real foods consisting of quality proteins, fresh leafy greens, monosaturated fats, a handful of fruits, and other vegetables not called carrot, celery, and onion.

Let's try to reset our health through cleaner eating. The challenge starts on Monday, April 28th and ends Sunday, May 25th for a total of four weeks.

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Registration opens this Saturday and stays open for about a week. Registration is $30 and includes a limited-edition t-shirt.

If you are interested in a more in depth conversation as to what the challenge entails, attend our casual PaleoRx meeting this Saturday April 19th at 12pm, at FCF.

See you all there!

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Upcoming Events:
  • Friday 5/16 through Sunday 5/18 - CrossFit Games NW Regionals.
  • Friday 5/16 - CrossFit Total Nights at CFSLU. 5pm to 8pm.
  • Saturday 5/24 - Weightlifting Total at CFSLU. 9am to 11am. 
  • Saturday 5/24 - Track Time Trials at TBD. 12pm to 2pm.
  • Sunday 5/26 - VERSUS IV: The Reckoning. 10am to 2pm.
  • Monday 5/27 - Memorial Day Murph

WOD for Max Week Thursday 4/17


So with the back squats, 100 pullups/30 muscle-ups, sumo deadlifts, hanging leg raises, 1 mile kettlebell rack, and FIGHT GONE BETTER you might be a little beat up.

Come in today for some heavy loaded carries as well as sleds, then test a 1 mile run time trial. Be sure to have proper gear for running in the rain if the weather turns.

Post to whiteboard/the Cody app.



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