Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Head to Head

a rowing battle
The CrossFit Games Open starts Thursday and it's not too late to sign up! You can do that here.
Here's our current roster:
31 amazing athletes!
Did you know: CrossFit Bellevue will be hosting the CGO 14.4 announcement on 3/20. Get your spectator ticket to watch it in person here.
Upcoming Events:
WOD for Tasty Tuesday 2/24
100 dips for fewest sets possible. 10 minute time limit.
Within 3 minutes row 500m then complete as many double unders as possible in the remaining time. Rest 1 minutes.
Repeat for 5 cycles. Score = total double unders.
Post score to whiteboard!
20 Kitchen Hacks - Mama Natural (via Amy C)
Do you have any cool kitchen hacks to share?
GOP Lobbyist Behind Anti-Gay NFL Bill Has a Gay Brother - Huffington Post
NICE WORK JIM! You sir, are truly a badass motherfunker. We stand by our LGBT family. Besides, there are more pressing matters at hand than what goes on when professional football players shower.

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