Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Remember that if you sign up for the CrossFit Games Open, participate through all 5 events, and take the CrossFit Judges Course online, we'll apply the cost of registration to your April dues- Fun for everyone!

Here's a look at our current roster:

26 FCF athletes (CFSLU has 27!)

Let's get more of your gym fam involved! WHO REALLY WANTS THE GOLDEN HAMMER?!

Upcoming Events:

WOD for Volume Wednesday 2/19


9-15-21 reps for time:
hang snatches, 50/35kg
unbroken double unders
unbroken kettlebell swings, 32/24kg

17 minute time limit. Post time to whiteboard.

Unbroken means that you finish all reps in one set. Failure to do so means that you retry until you can complete the prescribed amount of work.

Example: after your first 9 snatches you pick up your jump rope and start your double unders. You get to the 5th rep in a row then the rope hits your feet. You must restart the double unders until you can do 9 consecutively before moving onto the kettlebell swings.


Let's all wish this man another happy trip around the sun! Jared has been a part of our community for a very long time (September 2010), usually working out at the Nooner. First he was just an athlete- a bartender who had time during the day and liked exercise to keep him fit and chipper. After being a member for so long, Scarr wanted to help the gym- all we had available was cleaning crew and he jumped at the opportunity. Then suddenly he went to his Level 1 CrossFit Trainer's Course without telling us! Over the past year we have had him observing and then assisting classes until he was ready to lead them.

The man, the myth, the mystery

We are fortunate enough to say that we now have him full time (muhahaha!) and he is now sharing his CrossFit experience and inspiring you guys to take on new challenges that aren't only workouts.

Happy bornday Jared!


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