Thursday, October 17, 2013

Active Recovery Thursdays

Hitting the banded scap flow


WOD for Thursday 10/18


front squat 5x3


Trainer's Choice!

To take a page from our friends at Morgan Junction CrossFit, we will not post a workout (other than the strength portion) because it's a traditional rest day for the programming and the majority of our athletes. That being said, some of you may not come as regularly and/or missed a couple of days.

You will be at the mercy of our staff. If they think you need dedicated time to work on a skill, you'll work on those skills. If your muscles need some recovery, expect to spend a lot of time mobilizing. If you're in need of some conditioning, let's be honest- you're probably getting some AirDyne.

Post results to whiteboard/comments/Cody.

"DT" tomorrow, "GRACE" for Barbells For Boobs on Saturday.



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