Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Seattle Summers

Erik B leading the charge

The temperature is here, but it doesn't look like summer yet. Clear skies generally don't become the norm until July 4th anyway...

Regardless, you get more outdoor stuff for your workouts.


WOD for Tasty Tuesday 6/25


Play with the rings for 15 minutes. Can you connect 7-10 elements in a row?


4 rounds for time:
2 rope climbs, 15'
100m run
5 snatches, 61/45kg
100m run

Post time to whiteboard/comments/Cody.


*** Run Club has moved to Thursdays at CFSLU at 7pm! ***

Extracurricular Cardio 6/25


12x1 minute all out efforts, each for max distance/speed.

Recover 30 seconds between intervals.

Remain consistent and try to best the previous distance/speed traveled with each effort.

*Extracurricular Cardio is optional homework but is highly suggested for becoming a well-rounded athlete. It will not be given out during our Max/Testing weeks, as to not interfere with our maxing/testing.

Our athletes can complete on their own at home or at our gym (given that the rower/AD isn't being used by the classes). It is not considered a class to utilize the equipment once given the okay by the trainer.



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